[20/05/2018] Changelog #5

Updates and changes regarding the servers development can be found here.
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[20/05/2018] Changelog #5

Post by Naki » Sun May 20, 2018 11:08 pm

Changelog #5
Server Updates & Changes
• Save wipe bug completely fixed.
• Fuuma rework went live in this week - Marksman was removed from their tree, requirements in general were raised and they now have to pick between armor or weapon smithing. Range was touched, throwing weapon rules in general were modified and prices for crafting items were modified. More weapons were added, the chakra tier perks were altered slightly and the requirements on the ult were raised.
• Fuuinjutsu was modified.
• Claws of the wind Demon - Stat requirements raised, removed free marksman, still buffs the weapons throwing speed by one step and stacks with marksman.
• Master Craftsman - You now pick armor or weapon crafting, and opt for the pth of swor dor shield affecting your bonuses for metallurgy and your custom crafts. requirements lowered
• Practice Makes Perfect - Now grants entry to CQC and one weapon proficiency instead of 2 weapon proficiencies, requirements lowered
• Metallugist - Affected by the paths now, requirements altered
• Bullesye and Wind Demon- requirements altered
• Juggler- Lowered requirements matched cost for marksman, altered total number of weapons to be throw
• Deadeye - Now only raises damage cap and range
• Needles of death - Now have a proper effect listed

Community Updates & Changes
Shimura & Hozuki Starter positions have been filled.